Dough Kneaders

These are used for Kneading Bulk flour within a span of minutes and are used by Canteens, Bakers, Snack Bar, Banquets, Party halls, Restaurants, Hotels and Charitable Institutions.

Bulk Fryer Pan-Tilting

These are ideal used for deep & Bulk frying and are used by Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, Snack- Bars & Banquets etc.

Salamander and Toasters

These are used for roasting bread Slices & Pre-heating of cooked foods are used by Hotels, Canteens, Banquets Snack-bars and Restaurants etc.

Worship Books Storage and Display

These are ideal used for the purposes of Storing & Display the holy Worship Books

Burner Pigtail Copper

These pigtails are ideal for connecting gas connection in between of burner, valves & pipe line for easy maintenance and operation of the entire unit. This Price is for first one Foot with 2 x 3/8\" B.S.P.P.F. Nuts and Bull Nose Connections (Add Rs. 60/- extra per running foot)