Canteen Burners

These Burners are ideal for restaurants, Canteens, snack bars & large scale domestic cooking. These burners can be used by keeping on ground or Cooking Slabs.

Fish Tail Burners

Model No.


Optimum Working Pressure

Consumption Per Hour

Rated Heat Output

Ribbon Length

Head Diameter

mm ins. mm ins.


psig kgs lbs kcal/hr btu/hr
FT-150 150 5.9 190 7.48 0.3 4.5 0.45 1.0 5,040 20,000
FT-230 230 9.06 190 7.48 0.3 4.5 0.68 1.5 7,560 30,000
FT-300 300 11.81 190 7.48 0.3 4.5 0.90 2.0 1,01,000 40,000

Simple Burners

These burners produce long, reducing, low velocity flames for excellent transfer efficiency and are ideal for industrial use such as in heating dies, moulds, plates, casting and large fabricated components. These burners can be made also in longer lengths.

Adjustable LPG Pressure Regulators

These regulators can be used for first or second stage pressure regulation and are stable over the entire range of delivery pressure. This price is for Adjustable Regulator with Pressure Gauge.