Single Gas Room Heaters

Single Model

Double Model

Triple Model

Gas Heater

Gas Cum Electric Heater

Gas + Electric+ Heat Air Blower

Flame Failure Safety Device

Type - Infra Red

Type: Fan

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (O.D.S)

Maximum Power :4.2Kw

Motor: 48*15

Anti Tilt Safety Device

Gas Out Put (KW)

Wind Wheel: 48*180

Gas Cylinder Up to 15Kg Space

Min:1.4, Med:2.8, Max:4.2Kw

Motor Speed Max 1100, Min.150rpm

Wheels for easy movement

Gas Consumption(g/h):

Temperature Rise: 60/75K

Switch with Cover

Min:120, Med:210, Max:300g/h


Electric Ignition System


Temperature Rise: 60/75K

Ceramic Plates -3Pcs

Frequency: 50/60Hz



Max Cap.1.2Kw (3 Quartz Tubes)



Wire Length:1.5m